Motul Fuel System Clean 0.2 Ltr

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  • MOTUL Fuel System Clean can be used in all 4 stroke motorcycles to clean the entire fuel system.
  • Soiling caused by the operation, e.g.: deposits in the combustion chamber and on valves, gumming in the carburettor, sticking of the injection nozzles, condensation in the fuel system can be removed reliably.
  • Highly effective lubrication components protect the fuel system during the cleaning process and prevent the deposit of loosened particles.
  • A clean fuel system is the prerequisite for clean and effective combustion.
  • With the regular use of MOTUL Fuel System Clean you achieve without any additional work an improved engine performance, marked saving in fuel, a longer life of the entire fuel system and of the catalytic converter and as well improved exhaust gas values.
  • Stabilize the fuel and recommended for perfect fuel system conservation during winter storage.
  • A can of 200 ml is sufficient for up to 20 litres of petrol.

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