WD40 Wax – Polish

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  • Unfortunately, cleaning and maintaining your motorbike is not everyone’s favourite past time, but it is something we all need to do from time to time.
  • Having the right tools for the job can save time and effort and even make the most mundane tasks more enjoyable.
  • The WD-40 range of specialist motorbike cleaners, degreasers and waxes could be the answer to your problems.
  • The wax and polish is designed to leave your bike with a deep glossy shine.
  • The formula contains Carnauba Wax, one of the hardest naturally occurring waxes, which provides a wet look finish and long lasting shine.
  • It’s great for repelling water, allowing it to bead off paintwork to maintain a fantastic finish for longer.
  • It’s easy to apply and streak free. Developed in 1953 by the Rocket Chemical Company, WD40 was originally designed to repel water and prevent corrosion, for use in the American Aerospace industry.
  • In 1969 the company changed its name and became WD-40 Inc. and the product hit the public market in 1973.
  • Soon after WD-40 became a household name and is famed for its multitude of uses in both professional and domestic situations.

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